Original paper

Miocene Crustacea from northern Bandar Abbas, South Iran

Vega, Francisco J.; Gholamalian, Hossein; Hassani, Mohammad-Javad; Sajadi, Seyed-Hadi; Schaaf, Peter


Six decapod crustacean species are reported from the Miocene (Burdigalian - Langhian) Guri Member of the Mishan Formation, northern Bandar Abbas, South of Iran. The species include an indeterminate Paguroidea, the calappid Calappilia sp., the leuocosiids Pariphiculus sp., Myra gurii n. sp., Nucia? baripadensis Bachmayer & Mohanti, 1973, and the goneplacid Carcinoplax parsensis n. sp. Paleobiogeographic affinities with Miocene and Pliocene species from the Indo-Pacific are confirmed.


crustaceadecapodamiocenemishan formationsouth iran