Original paper

First record of a true coleoid cephalopod from the Germanic Triassic (Ladinian)

Schweigert, Günter; Fuchs, Dirk


A small coleoid gladius is decribed from the Ladinian Oberer Muschelkalk of SW Germany. A new genus and species, Germanoteuthis donai is introduced for this fossil. It is the first and sole unequivocal record of a coleoid from the Germanic Basin and provides evidence that gladius-bearing coleoids have not been restricted to the oceanic Tethyan Realm but had entered shallow marine marginal seas even earlier as previously thought. A supposed coleoid from the Muschelkalk, Campylosepia Picard, 1899 is revised. Since the holotype of its type species C. triassica Picard, 1899 is obviously lost, the second species included in this genus, Campylosepia elongata Picard, 1910, coming from the same bed and locality as C. triassica, was re-studied. It is now recogniozed as the fragment of a large gastropod shell, whereas Triadoteuthis Müller, 1967 is based on a coelacanth fish bone. For Loligosepia neidernachensis (Reitner, 1978), coming from the Norian of the Northern Calcareous Alps, a new genus Reitneriteuthis is introduced, and the origin of gladii is discussed.


coleoideamuschelkalkgermanic basintriassicgermany