Original paper

Belosaepiid (Cephalopoda, Coleoidea) record from the Early Eocene of the Hakkari area (Southeast Turkey) and its significance

Košták, Martin; Hogör, Izzet


A single specimen of the posterior part of a belosaepiid (Belosaepia sp.) has been recorded from Eocene deposits of Southeast Turkey (Arabian Plate, Cilo section, Kavalköy Formation). On the basis of benthic foraminifera, the Kavalköy Formation. has been established as Early Eocene (Ypresian) in age. The new record of Belosaepia from Southeast Turkey shows a significantly larger palaeogeographic distribution of the genus in the Tethyan Realm than previously known. Specific diversity of Belosaepia, and its geographic distribution and stratigraphy are briefly discussed.


coleoid cephalopodsbelosaepiaearly eocenearabian platesoutheast turkey