Original paper

Age of the Angulos W-Mo mineralization from the Paimán Range (NW Argentina) and its geological significance

Sardi, Fernando Guillermo; Stein, Holly


The hydrothermal W-Mo mineralization at Angulos in NW Argentina is genetically associated with the Potrerillos Granite, which is the host rock of the deposit. Re-Os dating of two molybdenite samples from the Angulos deposit yield mineral ages of 469.9 ± 1.6 and 464.8 ± 1.6 Ma (Middle Ordovician). The results are considered as the age of both hydrothermal mineralization and of the Potrerillos Granite which is part of the voluminous regional magmatism developed in the Famatina System. However, they are not in concordance with a previous Rb-Sr age of ∼380 Ma for the Potrerillos Granite.


re-osmolybdenitew-mo depositfamatina systemnw argentina