Original paper

Sonneratiidae: stem Hoplitoidea and their relationships

Cooper, Michael R.; Owen, Hugh G.


In the Treatise (Wright 1997) primitive hoplitoideans are assigned to the Early Albian subfamily Sonneratiinae. However, phylogenetic analysis of the group indicates a fundamental dichotomy which warrants recognition. Consequently the subfamily Otohoplitinae is resurrected and together the subfamily Sonneratiinae constitutes the family Sonneratiidae. Within Sonneratiinae Eosonneratia and Globosonneratia are resurrected from synonymy, and Dragunoviceras is new; Caseyhoplites n. g. and Neotohoplites n. g. are new for Otohoplitinae. Relationships with other hoplitoideans are indicated.


cretaceousearly albianboreal realmhoplitoideasonneratiidaesystematicsphylogeny