Original paper

Middle and Late Jurassic ammonites from the Dalichai Formation west of Shahrud (East Alborz, North Iran)

Seyed-Emami, Kazem; Schairer, Gerhard; Raoufian, Ahmad; Shafeizad, Maryam


The following ammonite families are reported from the Dalichai Formation west of Shahrud (eastern Alborz, North Iran): Phylloceratidae, Haploceratidae, Oppeliidae, Sphaeroceratidae, Stephanoceratidae, Otoitidae, Tulitidae, Macrocephlitidae, Perisphinctidae, Ataxioceratidae, Aspidoceratidae and Reineckeiidae, the latter with the newly introduced taxon Alborzites binaludensis Seyed-Emami nov. sp. The fauna comprises 23 species, most of them recorded from Iran for the first time. The described ammonites range from early Late Bajocian (late Early Bajocian?) to Middle Oxfordian. The ammonites are commonly concentrated in red, nodular limestones (“Ammonitico Rosso“ facies). Palaeobiogeographically the ammonite fauna is closely related to those from the Sub-mediterranean Province of the northwestern Tethys.


ammonitesmiddle/upper jurassicdalichai formationalborzbinaludiran