Original paper

Late Aptian (Cretaceous) corals from Central Greece

Löser, Hannes


Twenty-six coral species from twenty-one genera of Late Aptian (Early Cretaceous) age are reported from the Helicon Mountains in the Greek province of Boeotia. The studied section close to the village Aliartos includes mainly coarse, massive limestone-conglomerates with a relatively high amount of lithoclasts and carbonatic intraclasts. Most of the intraclasts originate from reefal limestones of similar environments and age. The fauna encompasses typical Early Cretaceous elements of the suborders Archeocaeniina, Faviina, Fungiina, Heterocoeniina, Meandrinina, Microsolenina, and Stylinina. The range of two genera has changed - the first occurrence of Adelastrea Reuss, 1854, and Pachyphyllia Alloiteau, 1957, were assigned to the Late Aptian, unlike the Turonian as considered earlier. The fauna shares species with localities worldwide, and their ages mainly range from Barremian to Early Albian. In contrast to very common Early Aptian coral faunas, Late Aptian faunas are rare. The present fauna helps to understand relationship to Albian and Cenomanian faunas.