Original paper

Early Miocene flora from the Valjevo-Mionica Basin (Western Serbia)

Lazarević, Zorica; Milivojević, Jelena; Bogićević, Katarina; Nenadić, Draženko


The Valjevo-Mionica Basin, located in the western part of the Valjevo-Mionica-Belanovica Trough, formed during the Early Miocene (Ottnangian-Karpatian). Deposits in this basin have a thickness in excess of thousand metres. Plant fossils from three locations were extracted from “Bela stena sediments“. The fossil flora was analzyed taxonomically, palaeoecologically and stratigraphically. In the assemblage of the Valjevo-Mionica, species representing evergreen rain forests, especially Daphnogene, predominate. The fossil plant asssemblage of the Valjevo-Mionica reflects subtropical, humid vegetation. The age of the rocks in which the palaeoflora was found is determined by using fish fossils, correlation with the index floras and comparison with taxonomically similar palaeofloras from Serbia. The sediments with plant remains are assumed to be Ottnangian-Karpatian (Early Miocene) in age.


macrofloraearly miocenepalaeoecologywestern serbia