Original paper

The Ordovician conodont Trapezognathus Lindström, 1955 in the Andean Basin, Argentina

Carlorosi, Josefina M.T.; Heredia, Susana E.


The Central Andean Basin is characterized by the presence of Ordovician deposits, distributed mainly in north-western Argentina. Conodonts from the Lower and Middle Ordovician were recovered from several outcrops of the Trapezognathus diprion, Baltoniodus cf. B. triangularis, and Baltoniodus triangularis biozones, and among them the genus Trapezognathus is highlighted. In this paper we describe and illustrate two species of this genus, T. diprion (Lindström) and T. quadrangulum Lindström. The conodont association suggests a faunal affinity with Baltica and South China.


ordoviciantrapezognathusconodontsbiostratigraphyandean basin