Original paper

New material of Hueberia zhichangensis Yang, Li & Edwards, a basal lycopsid from the Early Devonian of Yunnan, China

Xue, Jin-Zhuang


Morphological characters of Hueberia zhichangensis Yang, Li & Edwards, 2009 are supplemented by new collection from the Posongchong Formation of Wenshan, Yunnan, southwestern China. New material shows that Hueberia has smooth rhizomes at the basal part. The rhizomes and upright aerial axes have iso- and anisotomous branching pattern. Leaves have a single vein, indicated by the coalified remains along the middle. Small lateral buds are irregularly distributed along the axes; several leaves are born on the buds, which are very similar in morphology to those of Drepanophycus (Drepanophycales). The axes laterally bear scattered rounded sporangia. Comparisons with Drepanophycus, Kaulangiophyton, and Asteroxylon confirm the validity of Hueberia as a genus of early vascular plant, although its establishment was based only on two fragmentary specimens. The present evidence favors Hueberia as a basal lycopsid.


early devonianlycopsidsmicrophyllenationshueberia