Original paper

Sinemurian ammonites from Male Karpaty Mts, Western Carpathians, Slovakia. Part 2: Arietitinae (except Arnioceras)

Meister, Christian; Schlögl, Jan


Ammonites of the subfamily Arietitinae are represented by numerous specimens and well diversified associations in the locality Chtelnica. Several species of the genera/subgenera Coroniceras (Coroniceras), C. (Epammonites), C. (Arietites), C. (subgenus indet), C. (Pararnioceras), C. (Eucoroniceras), C. (Paracoroniceras), Metarnioceras and "Caenisites" were identified, among which the C. (Pararnioceras) nedzoviense, C. (Pararnioceras) arnioceroides, C. (Eucoroniceras) enorme, C. (E.) hornaceki, C. (E.) ingridae, Metarnioceras capricornoides and "Caenisites" subtilis are introduced as new. The majority of species belongs to cosmopolitan taxa, whereas the new species are known exclusively from the West Carpathians. The age of this fauna ranges from the Early Sinemurian Bucklandi Chronozone to the Turneri Chronozone.


ammonite taxonomylower jurassicsinemuriancarpathiansslovakia