Original paper

Some new Eocene elasmobranch reports from the Outer Western Carpathians (Moravia, Czech Republic)

Přikryl, Tomáš; Skupien, Petr


The Eocene deposits from the Staré Město locality (Frýdlant Formation, Subsilesian Unit) provided fossil fish remains, which can be assigned to two elasmobranch taxa: the eagle ray Leidybatis jugosus and the shark Centrophorus sp. The specimens are represented by associated dental plates and isolated teeth. This is the first record of L. jugosus in the Czech portion of the Western Carpathians and is thus the second record for the entire Carpathian area. Presence of the taxon confirms the Eocene age of the deposits. The common occurrence with genus Centrophorus suggests sedimentation in deeper conditions (> 200 m). Other material (obtained by microvertebrate preparation technique), isolated dermal denticles and calcified cartilage prisms, are described using open nomenclature (Myliobatoidei indet. and ?Myliobatiformes indet., respectively).


elasmobranchiileidybatis jugosuscentrophoruseocenewestern carpathian