Original paper

Fossil gastropods from the Late Paleocene Sepultura Formation, Baja California, Mexico

Perrilliat, María del Carmen


Thirty-two gastropod species including seven new ones, belonging to Vetigastropoda, Sorbeoconcha, Hypsogastropoda are described from the Paleocene of the Sepultura Formation in Baja California. Most of the species appear to have their closest relatives in the North American eastern Pacific. Members of Serratocerithim, Cyclostremiscus, and Calyptraphorus are reported for the first time in the Paleocene of the eastern Pacific. The new species are Solariella? bajaensis, Priscoficus vermeiji, Lacunaria carrenoae, Polinices (Polinices) saulae, Teinostoma squiresi, Cyclostremiscus petiti, and Calyptraphorus terrysmithae.


gastropodspaleocenesepultura formationbaja california