Original paper

Preserved colour pattern in Polititapes tricuspis (Eichwald, 1829) (Bivalvia: Veneridae) from the Sarmatian holostratotype at Nexing (Lower Austria)

Schneider, Simon; Mandic, Oleg; Harzhauser, Mathias


A single specimen of the widespread Sarmatian Paratethys bivalve Polititapes tricuspis (Eichwald, 1829) with preserved colour pattern is detailed. Despite of an exceptionally comprehensive fossil record, the fossil shell from the Sarmatian holostratotype at Nexing is only the second individual of this species with remnants of colour to be reported. In pure whitish specimens from Nexing, residual colour patterns could be visualised in UV light. The colour pattern closely resembles the colouration of several extant representatives of the Tapetini. The genus Polititapes originates from the Early to Middle Miocene of the Mediterranean and Paratethys realms and is today still confined to the Mediterranean and the adjacent Eastern Atlantic.