Original paper

Fusulinid zonation of the Late Moscovian-Early Sakmarian sequences from the Taurides, southern Turkey

Okuyucu, Cengiz


Late Moscovian-Early Sakmarian fusulinid faunas of the Anatolian Platform were examined in three stratigraphic sections (Ozbek Tepe, Eskibey and Bademli) from the Eastern and Central Taurides. Eight fusulinid zones were identified and include 1.) the Fusulinella (Fusulinella) colaniae-Fusiella praetypica concurrent range zone, 2.) the Fusulinella (Fusulinella) bocki bocki concurrent range zone, 3.) the Protriticites ovatus-Quasifusulinoides aff. quasifusulinoides concurrent range zone, 4.) the Protriticites pseudomontiparus-Obsoletes cf. obsoletes concurrent range zone, 5.) the Montiparus paramontiparus range zone, 6.) the Triticites oezbekensis-Rauserites subobsoletus concurrent range zone, 7.) the Daixina (B.) ex gr. bosbytauensis-Daixina (D.) ex gr. robusta range zone and 8.) the Zellia nunosei-Pseudofusulinoides instabilis-Pseudofusulinoides convexus assemblage zone.


biostratigraphyfusulinidscarboniferouspermiananatolian platformturkey