Original paper

Middle Cambrian protospongiid sponges and chancelloriids from the Precordillera of Mendoza Province, western Argentina

Beresi, Matilde S.; Rigby, J. Keith


A Middle Cambrian faunule from different sections of the San Isidro region, Precordillera of Mendoza Province, western Argentina, include previously unrecorded and new material. Specimens in the collections are simple reticulosan hexactinellids determined as Diagoniella cf. cyathiformis, Diagoniella sp., (?) Diagoniella sp., indeterminate protospongioid spicule assemblages and several root tuft types. In addition a possible scleritome of Chancelloria cruceana Rusconi, 1954 is re-described and illustrated, and sclerites assigned to Archiasterella are here described for the first time.


middle cambrianprotospongioid spongeschancelloriidssan isidro regionmendoza provinceprecordillera argentina