Original paper

Lower Permian bryozoan faunas from Kalmard area, central Iran

Ernst, Andrej; Gorgij, Mohammad N.


Twenty-three bryozoan species belonging to fifteen genera are described from the Chili Formation (Lower Permian, Sakmarian-Artinskian) of Kalmard area, central Iran. This fauna contains six cystoporates, six trepostomes, three rhabdomesine cryptostomes, and eight fenestrates. Two cystoporate genera are new: Xiapora gen. nov. and Wysejacksonella gen. nov. Three trepostome species are new: Rhombotrypella ninaeforme sp. nov., Ulrichotrypa tenuis sp. nov., and Ulrichotrypella gachalensis sp. nov. The studied fauna shows palaeobiogeographical relations to the Lower Permian of Russian Platform, Pamir, China, Thailand, Indonesia, and Australia.


bryozoataxonomylower permiancentral irankalmard areapalaeobiogeography