Original paper

A new elasmobranch genus (Myliobatiformes, Dasyatoidea) from the Danian of Potosí (Bolivia)

Cappetta, Henri; Gayet, Mireille


Potobatis semperei gen. et sp. nov. sp. (Myliobatiformes, Dasyatoidea) comes from a level located at the top of the section of the El Molino Formation at La Palca, near Potosí. This level is Danian in age according to magnetostratigraphic studies. Close to the African genus Hypolophites (Dasyatoidea, Dasyatidae) by its dental morphology, the new genus differs from the latter by its much smaller size and by its less specialized dentition. The palaeoenvironment was probably an estuarine or a mangrove area.


danianrayssystematicspalaeoenvironmentpalaeobiogeographysouth america