Original paper

Idiornis Oberholser, 1899 (Aves, Gruiformes, Cariamae, Idiornithidae): A junior synonym of Dynamopterus Milne-Edwards, 1892 (Paleogene, Phosphorites du Quercy, France)

Mourer-Chauviré, Cécile


The genus Dynamopterus Milne-Edwards, 1892, described from the “Phosphorites du Quercy”, is only known from humeri, whereas the genus Idiornis Oberholser, 1899, is known in the Quercy from numerous elements of the post-cranial skeleton, but its humeri are known only from three fragments referred to the species I. itardiensis. Comparison of the humeri of Dynamopterus with those of Idiornis itardiensis, and with the recent genus Cariama, makes it possible to identify these humeri as belonging to the same genus as the remains attributed to Idiornis. The generic name Dynamopterus Milne-Edwards, 1892, has priority over Idiornis Oberholser, 1899, and therefore must replace it.


cariamaefossil birdsfranceidiornithidaepaleogenephosphorites du quercy