Original paper

A questionable pterobranch from the Upper Jurassic Nusplingen Lithographic Limestone (SW Germany)

Schweigert, Günter; Dietl, Gerd


From the Upper Jurassic Nusplingen Fossillagerstätte an enigmatic carbonaceous fossil is described as Cephalodiscus? nusplingensis nov. sp. It is only known from Nusplingen and restricted there to bituminous, laminated limestone beds. Its overall morphology, its pseudo-colonial appearance, and internal structures strikingly resemble constructional features of the tubaria of modern pterobranchs; thus we here tentatively include the new fossil species in the modern pterobranch genus Cephalodiscus. Hitherto, pterobranchs were not recorded in the Mesozoic. However, some doubts remain if this placement is correct, mainly because fusellar microstructure could not be verified.


cephalodiscusjurassickimmeriodgianlithographic limestonesproblematica