Original paper

The chondrinid land snail Granaria (Stylommatophora: Chondrinidae) in the Miocene of the Alpine Foreland: State of the art and taxonomic reassessment

Höltke, Olaf; Rasser, Michael W.


Chondrinid snails are common in Middle to Late Miocene freshwater sediments of the North Alpine Foreland Basin (Molasse Zone) and the deposits of adjacent, time-equivalent fossil lakes, but their taxonomic status is unclear in most cases. This paper provides a taxonomic reassessment of this group. Granaria is the only genus of chondrinid snails identified in fossil material thus far. A neotype for Granaria schuebleri (Klein, 1847) is defined, while G. antiqua (Schüblerinvon Zieten, 1832) is considered a synonym of G. schuebleri (Klein, 1847). It is suggested that G. grossecostata (Gottschick & Wenz, 1919) be accepted as a separate species instead of a subspecies of G. schuebleri (Klein, 1847). The taxonomic status of G. noerdlingensis (Klein, 1853) seems very doubtful, because the original description is based on incomplete casts and steinkerns. In Steinheim am Albuch, the type locality of the common species Granaria schuebleri (Klein, 1847), two further species could be confirmed, namely G. grossecostata (Gottschick & Wenz, 1919) and G. pachygastra (Fraas in Miller, 1900). The original specimen of Pupa n. sp. (Klein 1853) was located, but a species designation is impossible due to its poor preservation.


abidagranopupanorth alpine foreland basinpupasolatopupatorquilla