Original paper

Fish otoliths from the Early Oligocene of Mangyshlak, Kazakhstan

Bratishko, Andriy; Udovichenko, Mykola


Fish otoliths are described from the Uzunbas Formation (Rupelian) of the Karagie depression, Mangyshlak Peninsula, Western Kazakhstan. A total of 9 species are described, 3 as newly established (Pterothrissus caspiensis sp. nov., Palaeogadus schwarzhansi sp. nov., Palimphyes stolyarovi sp. nov.) and 2 in open nomenclature. This is the first record of Rupelian otoliths from Kazakhstan and the Turan Basin, which formed the eastward extension of the Paratethys during Late Paleogene. Expectedly, the fauna from Uzunbas shows considerable resemblance with the Rupelian fish faunas of the Caucasus, the Crimea, and Western Europe. Gadiform otoliths dominate the otolith association (Raniceps tuberculosus, Palaeogadus schwarzhansi sp. nov., Palaeogadus germanus, Palaeogadus rarus). The faunal composition indicates a marine, temperate palaeoenvironment within the neritic zone.