Original paper

New species of fossil sessile barnacles (Verrucidae, Tetraclitidae) from the Pliocene of central Chile

Carriol, René-Pierre; Schneider, Simon


Three species of sessile barnacles were identified on shells of Chlamys vidali (Philippi) from the Pliocene of central Chile. Two of these species are new to science: Verruca hermi Carriol sp. nov., of which the movable scutum has no adductor ridge and only two articular ridges, and Tesseropora chilensis Carriol sp. nov., which is characterized by a calcareous basis and equilateral-triangular tergum. The third species, Balanus laevis laevis Bruguière has been documented from Chile before, but was recorded only from the Pleistocene to Recent.


balanidaecentral chilecirripediacrustaceapliocenetaxonomytetraclitidaeverrucidae