Original paper

Late Givetian ammonoids from Hagen-Herbeck, Donnerkuhle quarry (Devonian, Rhenish Mountains)

Bockwinkel, Jürgen; Korn, Dieter; Ebbighausen, Volker; Graf, Siegfried


A small late Givetian ammonoid fauna in pyritic preservation is described from the northern Rhenish Mountains. Five genera are represented, Darkaoceras, Pharciceras, Synpharciceras, Epitornoceras, and Tornoceras. The size of the material shows an indifferent pattern; most of the specimens are rather small, reaching a maximum diameter of only 38 mm conch diameter. While specimens of Darkaoceras reach nearly the size of specimens in limestone occurrences, Epitornoceras is represented by dwarfic specimens, which reach only 15% of the size but display characters of adulthood. The new species Pharciceras oberscheldense Bockwinkel & Korn n. sp. is described.


ammonoideadevoniangivetianpyritic preservationrhenish mountains