Original paper

Oxfordian (Late Jurassic) gastropods from the Kachchh Basin, western India

Alberti, Matthias; Nützel, Alexander; Fürsich, Franz T.; Pandey, Dhirendra K.


A collection of 93 Late Jurassic gastropods from the Kachchh Basin in western India represents 23 species. The material contains new records, such as Purpurina sp., as well as five new species: Bathrotomaria densireticulata, Bathrotomaria depressa, Bathrotomaria gangtaensis, Neritopsis indica, and Eucyclus tramauensis. Additional unnamed species occur, but since they are represented only by single and/or fragmentary specimens in the present collection, they have been left in open nomenclature. The majority of the described gastropods are from the Oxfordian part of the Jurassic succession of the Kachchh Basin. The fauna is strongly dominated by pleurotomariids and resembles that of palaeogeographically neighbouring areas (especially Madagascar) in composition. Most of the occurring genera are wide-ranging and known from localities throughout the Tethyan Ocean, but a strong endemism at the species level seems evident.


gastropodaindiajurassickachchh basintaxonomy