Original paper

New record of crabs (Decapoda, Brachyura) from the early Pliocene of Cassine (Piedmont, northern Italy)

Pasini, Giovanni; Garassino, Alessandro


Bathypluma pliocenica Garassino, Pasini & Marini, 2012, and Monodaeus bortolottii Delle Cave, 1988, are reported from the early Pliocene (Zanclean) clays of an active quarry located S-SW of Cassine (Alessandria, Piedmont, northern Italy). This is the first record of B. pliocenica from the Pliocene of Piedmont and from the palaeo-Adriatic Gulf, and the second one in the fossil record, enlarging its geographical distribution out of the Tuscany Basin, where the species has been originally reported from an early Pliocene deep-water environment. Monodaeus bortolottii is reported for the first time from the Piedmont Basin.


brachyuradecapodaearly plioceneitalypiedmont