Original paper

Morphology and ontogeny of the fossil lobster Meyeria magna M'Coy, 1849 (Astacidae, Mecochiridae) from the Lower Cretaceous (Lower Aptian) of Mexico, United Kingdom and Spain

González-León, Oscar; Moreno-Bedmar, Josep Anton; Vega, Francisco J.


Numerous specimens representing growth stages of the mecochirid lobster Meyeria magna M'Coy, 1849 are found in Aptian localities in Puebla State, Mexico, with no significant differences in morphology between juveniles and adults. Some stages of the ontogenetic development of this once widely distributed lobster are documented here for the first time. The ammonoid record of these localities is studied in order to calibrate the stratigraphic range of Meyeria magna. Specimens from the United Kingdom and Spain are illustrated in order to compare and confirm the diagnostic features of the species. Meyeria pueblaensis Feldmann, Vega, García-Barrera, Rico-Montiel & Martínez López, 1995 is considered to be a synonym of Meyeria magna.


aptianastacidaecretaceouscrustaceameyeria magnaontogeny