Original paper

Biostratigraphy and sedimentary settings of the Upper Bajocian-Lower Bathonian in the vicinity of Saratov (Central Russia)

Mitta, Vasily; Kostyleva, Victoria; Dzyuba, Oksana; Glinskikh, Larisa; Shurygin, Boris; Seltzer, Vladimir; Ivanov, Alexey; Urman, Olga


This paper presents the results of a detailed study of the Bajocian-Bathonian sections in the ?Sokur? Quarry near the city of Saratov and of a borehole drilled in the same quarry. The study of these Bajocian-Bathonian boundary beds, unique for the Boreal-Tethyan ecotone, offers a solution to the much-debated problem of the Middle Jurassic Boreal-Tethyan correlation. The Bajocian-Bathonian boundary beds of this section contain both Peri-Tethyan and Boreal ammonite species, allowing recognition of the Boreal ammonite zones and associated ?Boreal? Bathonian zones based on belemnites, bivalves, and foraminifers. This integrated biostratigraphy allows correlation of the Late Bajocian-Early Bathonian boundary interval of the Boreal Jurassic scale with the Submediterranean standard scale.


ammonoideabajocianbathonianbelemnoideabivalviaboreal-tethyan correlationforaminiferarussian platformsedimentology