Original paper

Some rugose corals from the Devonian (Givetian and Frasnian) of Northeastern Iran

Abbasi, Mohammad Ali; Khaksar, Kaveh; Ashouri, Alireza


A rugose coral fauna from Givetian and Lower Frasnian strata of the Khoshyeilagh Formation in the Eastern Alborz Mountains (Northeastern Iran) was studied. In total, eight species belonging to five genera are reported from the Mighan section, northeast of the city of Shahrood. From the Givetian, four species of the genera Spinophyllum Wedekind, 1922, Chostophyllum Pedder, 1982, and Aristophyllum Bulvanker, Spassky & Kravtsov, 1975, are described. From the overlying Lower Frasnian, four species are recorded, belonging to the genera Sinodisphyllum Sun, 1958 and Charactophyllum Simpson, 1900.


eastern alborz mountainsfrasniangivetianirankhoshyeilagh formationrugose corals