Original paper

Revision of Bethylinae fossils (Hymenoptera: Bethylidae) from Baltic, Rovno and Oise amber, with comments on the Tertiary fauna of the subfamily

Ramos, Magno S.; Perkovsky, Evgeny E.; Rasnitsyn, Alexander P.; Azevedo, Celso O.


The known distribution and taxonomic variation of the previously described species Lytopsenella kerneggeri Ohl are broadened. Eight new fossil species of Bethylinae are described and illustrated: Eupsenella aulax Ramos & Azevedo sp. nov., E. klesoviana Ramos & Azevedo sp. nov., E. rossica Ramos & Azevedo sp. nov., E. yantarnica Ramos & Azevedo sp. nov., Goniozus definitus Ramos & Azevedo sp. nov., Lytopsenella baltica Ramos & Azevedo sp. nov., L. maritima Ramos & Azevedo sp. nov., and Sierola rovniana Ramos & Azevedo sp. nov. Protobethylus De Ploëg & Nel, 2004 is considered a junior synonym of Eupsenella Westwood, 1874, and Protobethylus eocenicus De Ploëg & Nel, 2004 is transferred from Protobethylus to Eupsenella as E. eocenica comb. nov. A key to the fossil species of Bethylinae is provided. This paper brings the total known fossil species of Bethylinae to 17.


baltic amberchrysidoideainsectalate eocenenew combinationrovno amber