Original paper

Upper Jurassic large-scale debris flow deposits in interbiohermal basins of the sponge megafacies in Poland – new insights

Barski, Marcin; Mieszkowski, Radosław


The paper presents the results of a geophysical survey , with the application of electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) , of ancient submarine debris flows within the Upper Jurassic carbonate deposits representing the sponge megafacies. The survey sites were located in the Kraków-Wieluń Upland in Central Poland, where exposure analysis and geological mapping have previously indicated the presence of such flows. The applied method was used to determine the scale, architecture and potential directions of sediment transport. The debris flow deposits observed in the quarries have turned out to represent smaller parts of larger flow bodies. The magnitude of the sediment gravity flows reaches several hundreds of meters in horizontal scale and several tens of meters in vertical scale. It points to intense synsedimentary tectonic activity in the study area and is most probably linked with the opening of the Tethys Ocean.


debris flow architectureelectrical resistivity tomography (ert)kraków-wieluńsponge megafaciesuplandupper jurassic