Original paper

Mammalian remains (Mammalia: Perrissodactyla, Proboscidea) from the Late Miocene Kaisiynitsa Formation of the Beli Breg Basin (Bulgaria)

Maisch, Michael W.


A partial mandible of a tapirid perissodactyl and a proboscidean molar determined as Tetralophodon longirostris are described from the basal Kaisiynitsa Formation (Turolian) of the Beli Breg Basin in western Bulgaria. The tapirid is the first record of this family (generally a rare compo- nent of Late Miocene European land mammal faunas) from the Beli Breg Basin. The specimen can be determined as Tapirus arvernensis Croizet & Jobert, 1828, but also shows some clear resemblance to Tapirus balkanicus Spassov & Ginsburg, 1999. The stratigraphic significance of mammalian fossils from the Beli Breg Basin is briefly discussed and it is concluded that they point to a Turolian age of the basal Kaisiynitsa Formation, concurring with recent studies on the fossil flora of the basin.


beli breg basinbulgariamammaliamioceneperissodactylaproboscideastratigraphytapirustetralophodon