Original paper

New agglutinated polychaete worm-tubes from the Lower Jurassic (Late Pliensbachian) of Southern Germany

Keupp, Helmut; Gründel, Joachim; Wiese, Robert


Two new species of selectively agglutinated worm tubes (Polychaeta, Sedentaria, Terebellida) are described from the Lower Jurassic (Late Pliensbachian) of a clay pit near Buttenheim (southern Germany). Eklexibella buttenheimensis n. g., n. sp. is characterized by its regular tube architecture composed by a nearly gapless masonry of flattened lagenid foraminfers. In contrast, the long tube of Eklexibella johanni n.g., n.sp. appears irregular due to its composition of relatively large nuculid bivalves without any preferred orientation. Both new species are compared with a terebellid tube described by Weitschat & Gründel (2002) from the Late Pliensbachian of Ahrensburg. Unfortunately, this unique specimen has been lost and therefore kept in open nomenclature.


lower jurassicnew genusnew speciespolychaetessedentariaterebellids