Original paper

Pliensbachian ammonites from the Central Apennines, Italy (Acquasparta section) – a revision of Fischer's collection and new data

Meister, Christian; Blau, Joachim


A critical review of Fischer's (1972) ammonite collection from Acquasparta (Monti Martani, Italy) and additional data from own collection allows to precise and homogenize the systematics and the biostratigraphy of 31 taxa. The biostratigraphy of this area is also refined and a sequence of six faunal horizons corresponding to the Ibex, Davoei and Margaritatus Zones is proposed. This horizon sequence, including the data of Monte di Cetona, fit well with the regional zonation and is worldwide correlated. For the first time very early Arieticeratinae (Mauretaniaceras) are recorded from Celebratum Horizon of the Central Apennines.


ammonitesapenninesbiostratigraphyearly jurassicpliensbachiansystematics