Original paper

Revision of the Cretaceous coral family Agatheliidae

Löser, Hannes


The late Albian to Maastrichtian coral family Agatheliidae (suborder Heterocoeniina) is revised on the basis of its type genus and respective type species. The family encompasses solitary and colonial forms with thick compact radial elements with a mostly regular septal symmetry. Radial elements are composed of small trabeculae and have strongly ornamented septal lateral faces. Together with the name-giving genus Agathelia Reuss, 1854, the genera Carantophyllum Alloiteau, 1957, Caelumastrea Reig Oriol, 1994, Canleria Eliášová, 1996, Eothelia Löser et al., 2013b and Pallarsastrea Reig Oriol, 1989 (as a synonym of Agathelia), as well as the new genera Agasmilia and Agatheliopsis, are assigned to the family. Agasmilia is the only solitary form. Agatheliopsis is a plocoid form related to Agathelia. New species of Agathelia and Caelumastrea are established. All genera are revised on the basis of the types of their respective type species. Possible species of all genera are presented. The palaeobiogeography of the genera is discussed. The family occurs from the Late Albian to Maastrichtian and is restricted to the Western and Central Tethys.


coralscretaceousnew taxascleractinia