Original paper

Report on decapod crustaceans from the Eocene of Zagros Basin, Iran

Garassino, Alessandro; Bahrami, Ali; Yazdi, Medhi; Vega, Francisco J.


We report on decapod crustaceans from the Eocene of Zagros Basin (Baba-Heydar section, Shahr-e-kurd area, Iran). The studied sample includes crustacean penaeids and scyllarids that have been assigned as follows: Eopabdehus nov. gen., with E. babaheydariensis n. sp. (Penaeidae Rafinesque, 1815), Eogordonella nov. gen., with E. iranianiensis n. sp. (Solenoceridae Wood-Mason, 1891), and Parsacus nov. gen., with P. eocenicus n. sp. (Scyllaridae Latreille, 1825). Eogordonella iranianiensis n. sp. is the second report of Solenoceridae in the fossil record. The description of Parsacus nov. gen. allowed to review the extant genus Parribacus Dana, 1852, attesting that the fossil species P. cristatus Förster, 1984, previously included therein, must be assigned to the new genus.