Original paper

A new cycloneuralian from the Burgess Shale with a palaeoscolecid-type terminal end

Haug, Joachim T.; Haug, Carolin


We describe a new cycloneuralian worm from the Cambrian Burgess Shale, British Columbia, Canada, Pseudoperipatus hintelmannae gen. et sp. nov. The new species differs from all other known species of cycloneuralians occurring in the Burgess Shale fauna in the possession of a pair of terminal structures. These are slightly inward-curved claw-like spines that arise from annulated, distally tapering sockets. This morphology partly resembles the morphology of terminal ends of palaeoscolecid worms. Unlike most palaeoscolecids, the skin of the new species appears to lack sclerotised plates; the body is finely annulated. Certain specimens attributed to palaeoscolecids in Orsten-type preservation from the Cambrian of Australia strongly resemble the trunk end of P. hintelmannae. This similarity between the two types indicates a new possible faunal overlap between the Burgess Shale-type preserved macro-faunas and the Orsten-type preserved meio-faunas of the Cambrian.


burgess shale-type faunacycloneuraliaorsten-type preservation“stem-priapulid”