Original paper

New find of an ammonite in the “Argille Scagliose” Formation of Montovolo (Bologna)

Sarti, Carlo


A new find of an ammonite is reported from the “Argille Scagliose” Formation (tele- allochthonous Ligurides) of Montovolo (Bologna), northern Apennines. The Argille Scagliose is a formation in which Ammonites are almost absent. It is the first ammonite described from the so-called Palombini Shales of the Argille Scagliose Formation; an exceptionally well-preserved specimen which is taxonomically interpreted as Pulchellia (Pulchellia) nov. sp. aff. kiliani (Hyatt). This new record allows dating the Palombini Shales into the Barremian.


ammonitesargille scagliosebarremianbolognaitalymontovolopalombini shalespulchellia