Original paper

The Bathonian and Early Callovian Ostracoda of Baden-Wuerttemberg, southern Germany

Franz, Matthias; Beher, Elke; Dietl, Gerd


We present the stratigraphical and regional distribution of ostracoda in the Bathonian and Early Callovian of Baden-Wuerttemberg, southern Germany. On the basis of 13 sections studied between the Upper Rhine Graben and the Eastern Swabian Alb, which yielded a total of 14,800 specimens, representing 59 genera and 163 species, an ostracod zonation for this time interval is erected, comprising 5 biozones and 2 subzones. The composition of the assemblages mirrors the facies variations within the Bathonian of southwestern Germany. The faunal relationships to the adjacent Middle Jurassic basins are briefly described.


bathonianbiostratigraphycallovianfaunal assemblagesostracodasw germany