Original paper

The Miocene Randeck Maar (SW Germany): Geological compilation and census of scientific excavations

Rasser, Michael W.; Schweigert, Günter; Beckenbach, Elena; Müller, Thomas


The Randeck Maar belongs to the Urach-Kirchheim Volcanic Field in south-western Germany. It represents an ancient volcanic crater of phreatomagmatic origin that contains lake deposits of Early/Middle Miocene age (MN5). It is a Fossillagerstätte with remarkably well-preserved fossils, particularly plants, insects, and amphibians. In contrast to former studies, we suggest that the topographic relief of the crater was up to 220 m. Since the exploration for fuel by O. Fraas in the middle of the 19th century, eight excavations took place in the Randeck Maar which are summarised here for the first time.


maar lakemiocenepalaeoreliefrandeck maarscientific excavations