Original paper

The first fossil limuloid remain from the Stuttgart Formation (Schilfsandstein, Keuper, Karnian, Late Triassic) of Baden-Württemberg, southern Germany

Seegis, Dieter


The first body fossil of a limuloid, a fragment of a small prosoma, is described from the fluvial to estuarine Schilfsandstein beds of southern Germany. It is compared to all other known Mesozoic limuloid species and most likely represents a new species, but due to its incomplete preservation it is not named. It seems to be closely related to two non-marine species showing a similar small size, Paleolimulus fuchsbergensis from the Upper Keuper of northern Germany and Dubbolimulus peetae from the Middle Triassic of Australia. The palaeoecology and depositional environments of the beds yielding the Schilfsandstein limuloid are discussed.


palaeoecologyschilfsandsteinsouthern germanystuttgart formationxiphosura