Original paper

New material and redescription of Gastrosacus wetzleri von Meyer, 1851 (Decapoda, Anomura, Galatheoidea) from the Late Jurassic of southern Germany

Robins, Cristina M.; Fraaije, René H. B.; Klompmaker, Adiël A.; Van Bakel, Barry W. M.; Jagt, John W. M.


The type species of the speciose squat lobster genus Gastrosacus von Meyer, 1851, Gastrosacus wetzleri von Meyer, 1851, is redescribed from Upper Jurassic (upper Kimmeridgian) strata from various localities in southern Germany, an area close to the now inaccessible type locality. A neotype for Gastrosacus wetzleri is designated herein. Gastrosacus carteri from the Late Jurassic (Oxfordian) of England is considered a junior synonym of Gastrosacus wetzleri. The species is among the oldest known representatives of the family Munidopsidae.


jurassicsouthern germanygalatheoideadecapoda