Original paper

Palaeoenvironment of a monospecific association of a new bryozoan species, Schizoretepora tamagawensis sp. n. (Phidoloporidae, Bryozoa), from the Miocene Tanosawa Formation, Northern Japan

Zágoršek, Kamil; Takashima, Reishi; Hirose, Masato


A new species of Phidoloporidae (Bryozoa), Schizoretepora tamagawensis sp. n. is reported from the Tanosawa Formation (Miocene) in northern Japan. This species is very similar to the Recent Schizoretepora tumescens (Ortmann, 1890). The unique occurrence in circular patches in an almost monospecific association indicates a shallow subtidal and soft substrate environment which limited the occurrence of other benthic species.


new speciestanosawa formationmiocenebryozoa