Original paper

A new species of lobster (Glypheoidea: Mecochiridae) from the Late Jurassic (late Tithonian) Lagerstätte from central Poland

Feldmann, Rodney M.; Schweitzer, Carrie E.; Błaejowski, Błaej


Discovery of several specimens of Late Jurassic macrurous decapod crustaceans in the Owadów-Brzezinki Quarry, near Tomaszów Mazowiecki in central Poland permits description of a new species of Mecochiridae, Jabaloya polonica. The specimens document the first notice of the genus in Poland. Form of the pleonal terga and the pleopods demonstrate that the holotype specimen is a male. Details of the pleopods are the first known to us within Mecochiridae.


new speciesglypheoideatithonianpolandlate jurassicdecapoda