The insectivores (Soricidae, Erinaceidae; Eulipotyphla; Mammalia) from Cueva Victoria (Early Pleistocene, Murcia, Spain)

Furió, Marc; Gibert, Luis; Ferràndez, Carles; Sevilla, Paloma


In the Early Pleistocene locality of Cueva Victoria, the insectivores are represented by several fossil teeth, mandibles and skull fragments. In the present work, we describe and provide measurements of these fossils for the first time. Insectivores show a rather low taxonomic diversity in Cueva Victoria, with only two different species. Considering the environmental requirements for their extant relatives, the presence of only one hedgehog (Erinaceus cf. praeglacialis Brunner, 1933), and one shrew (Crocidura kornfeldi Kormos, 1934) points to the existence of dry and warm conditions in the surrounding area of Cueva Victoria, unfavourable to other contemporary species of insectivores.


biogeographyquaternaryiberian peninsulahedgehogcrocidurinaewhite-toothed shrewglacial refuge