Original paper

Fossil Jumping-bristletail from the Chiapas amber: Neomachilellus (Praeneomachilellus) ezetaelenensis sp. nov. (Microcoryphia: Meinertellidae)

Riquelme, Francisco; Montejo-Cruz, Maira; Luna-Castro, Bibiano; Zuñiga-Mijangos, Luis


A new species of Jumping-bristletail, Neomachilellus (Praeneomachilellus) ezetaelenensis sp. nov. (Microcoryphia: Meinertellidae), is described from the Miocene amber collected in the Mountains of Chiapas, southwestern Mexico. This study is based on amber microcoryphian insects newly recovered from rocks near the towns of Simojovel, Totolapa and Estrella de Belén. These amber sites are part of a Conservation Lagerstätte with remarkable preserved paleobiota. On the basis on male and female specimens, N. (Praeneomachilellus) ezetaelenensis sp. nov., is illustrated and diagnosed herein by a combination of diagnostic characters. Morphological data were collected using high-resolution microscopy with regular to adapted infrared-pass lens. The subgenus Praeneomachilellus Sturm & Poinar, 1997 into the genus Neomachilellus Wygodzinsky, 1953 comprises one described fossil species from the Miocene Dominican Republic amber and one extant species from Puerto Rico. Thus, N. (Praeneomachilellus) ezetaelenensis is the first species of this group to be described in the Chiapas amber that adds insights into Microcoryphia biodiversity at the southernmost part of North America.


chiapas ambermioceneneomachillelusmicrocoryphiameinertellidaejumping-bristletail