Original paper

Taeniopteris novomundensis sp. nov. – “cycadophyte” foliage from the Carnian of Switzerland and Svalbard reconsidered: How to use Taeniopteris ?

Pott, Christian; Launis, Ahti


Recent findings of Taeniopteris-like foliage from the Carnian of Hopen, Svalbard, necessitated the re-evaluation of entire-margined Taeniopteris foliage from the Carnian flora of Neuewelt, Basel, Switzerland, revealing the illegitimate status of Taeniopteris angustifolia. The specimen from the Ladinian or Carnian (Lower Keuper) of Lower Franconia, Germany, on which the identification was based, was recently identified as the holotype of the marattialean fern Danaeopsis angustifolia, of which Taeniopteris angustifolia is the basionym. This implies that the Neuewelt specimens, which are different from the specimens from Franconia, lack any type and basionym, and a new species name is required. The specimens from Hopen as well as specimens elsewhere from Svalbard are identified as conspecific with the specimens from Neuewelt, and we here assign all specimens to Taeniopteris novomundensis sp. nov., which is thus known from the Carnian of Switzerland and Svalbard. Information on epidermal anatomy is not available, and the affinity of the species can, therefore, not be elucidated further, but is here interpreted as a cycadophyte. Several specimens from the Carnian of Franconia assigned to Taeniopteris angustifolia belong to a species different from Taeniopteris novomundensis, i.e. Taeniopteris kelberi. Earlier inclusion of some of the specimens now assigned to Taeniopteris novomundensis in Taeniopteris kelberi is unsupported. The typification and use of Taeniopteris are discussed in this framework.


cycadalestaeniopteris vittatakeuperdanaeopsistaeniopteris angustifoliafranconiabennettitaleslunznilssoniopteris