Original paper

New report of Ranina propinqua Ristori, 1891 (Brachyura, Raninidae) from central Italy

Famiani, Federico; Baldanza, Angela; Bizzarri, Roberto; De Angeli, Antonio; Garassino, Alessandro; Pasini, Giovanni


A new specimen of Ranina propinqua Ristori, 1891 from the Early Pleistocene (Gelasian–Calabrian) of Orzalume-Cottano section (Orvieto, Umbria, central Italy) is reported. The study of this complete specimen results in a detailed diagnosis for the species not reported in the original description by Ristori. Although the ecology and behaviour of Raninidae display a broad spectrum of bathymetric and sedimentological ranges, the sedimentological and palaeoecological data for the study specimens suggest that R. propinqua could be associated to relatively shallow, coastal marine environments, at least during the last 2 Ma.


umbriaitalydecapodacrustaceaearly pleistoceneraninidae