Original paper

Pliocene vertebrates from Ivanovce and Hajnáčka (Slovakia). IX. A small-sized cervoid pecoran from Ivanovce

Fejfar, Oldřich; Sabol, Martin; Ďurišová, Anna


The fossil record of cervoid pecoran from the primate Pliocene site of Ivanovce (late Ruscinian, MN 15b) is described and discussed from taxonomical and ecological viewpoints. This rare fossil record represents probably an ancient (Late Miocene?) element surviving in the Early Pliocene European fauna. Its presence at the site confirms a previous view on the palaeoenvironment, consisting of a humid forestal belt around a broad river valley with a karstified limestone massif, probably surrounded by an open drier habitat in higher elevations.


early plioceneslovakiaivanovcepecoratuscomeryxlate ruscinian (mn 15)