Original paper

Crinoids (Crinoidea, Echinodermata) from the Štramberk-type limestones of Poland

Trzęsiok, Dawid


Thirteen crinoid (Crinoidea, Echinodermata) taxa from the exotic Štramberk-type limestones (Tithonian) in southern Poland are described. Among them eleven are cyrtocrinids (Cyrtocrinida), i.e. Eugeniacrinites zitteli Jaekel, E. alexandrowiczi Głuchowski, Phyllocrinus malbosianus d'Orbigny, P. stellaris Zaręczny, P. sinuatus (Remeš), Sclerocrinus polonicus Salamon & Gorzelak, Strambergocrinus cf. jurassicus lach, GorZelak & Salamon, Ascidicrinus pentagonus(Jaekel), Tetracrinus baumilleri Salamon & Gorzelak, Salamonicrinus prodigiosum gen. and sp. nov. and Cotylederma sp., one belongs to Comatulida (Notocrinidae indet.) and one to Isocrinida (Isocrinus sp.). It is suggested that Ancepsicrinus Salamon & Gorzelak and Salamonicrinus gen. nov. belong to the family Sclerocrinidae. Morphometry of phyllocrinid cups at hand attributed to P. malbosianus, P. sinuatus and P. stellaris revealed that they cluster into four (not three as predicted), morphologically distinct groups that may represent different species. Evolutionary history of some spoon-like crinoids is also discussed.


phylogenycretaceousjurassicpolandcrinoidsštramberk-type limestones